We feel that each child’s first visit should begin at 6 months of age.

Our pediatric dental staff teaches comprehensive oral and dental health care for children from birth through adolescence. This also involves working with children who have medical disorders and physical disabilities.

Our exceptionally compassionate and caring team will aid your child in feeling comfortable during his/her visit to our office. Children who have their first dental experience when they are very young are likely to have a better opinion of and regard for dental care throughout their life. You, as parents, play a very important role in getting your child started with a positive attitude towards dental care. Because dental visits are an integral part of your child’s total health program, we approach this visit as a natural part of your concern for your child’s overall health. One of the useful things you can do is to be completely natural and easy going when you tell your child about the appointment with the dentist. The fewer details you provide them, the better. This approach will enable your child to view it as an opportunity to meet some new people who are interested in him or her and can help him or her to stay healthy. Our office is unique because we encourage parents to be with their child during all of their dental visits. This allows for a positive, shared experience.